Coronavirus: Professor uses a video game to teach math lessons

A teacher has come up with a very special way of holding lessons remotely using Half-Life: Alyx virtual reality and the use of some objects in the game environment

Coronavirus: Professor uses a video game to teach math lessons


In recent weeks, the first to be affected by the preventive quarantine against Covid-19 have been teachers and students. Fortunately, the tools made available to them were numerous and so that the normal course of the school year was not compromised. Moreover, thanks to the technology, many teachers have managed to invent very special ways to attract the attention of their children.

This is the case of the American professor Charles Coomber, who thought of using virtual reality in the game Half-Life: Alyx to teach math lessons to his students.


Coomber, a San Diego teacher, has published a geometry video lesson on YouTube using markers and wooden boards in the Valve game. This ingenious idea was possible thanks to the excellent physics of the gameplay of the game in virtual reality, which allows players to draw on the windows.

This is just one like the many examples showing intelligent use of distance learning in which video games play a fundamental role and is a strong response to the crisis that this epidemic is bringing with it. Hope that other teachers will take the effort to make an easier for them and the studens learning time.