The AI innovations: discover the full potential of this year’s major technology trend

The AI innovations: discover the full potential of this year’s major technology trend


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most important technological trends this year, and its importance is only growing. It will not only help a wider circle of companies to make more effective business decisions by extracting the most important data, but will also increasingly integrate into consumer-class devices. In addition, it is already integrated into the software of a number of prestigious mobile phones.


The importance of integrating AI into the infrastructure of the future has already been recognized - the “Government AI Readiness Index” has recently been created, which reflects the willingness of governments of different countries to support the development of AI technology. According to the report1, the top line in the ranking is Great Britain, because this country has highly developed industries that use advanced technologies, and the world's leading centers for the study of artificial intelligence are located.

AI will be useful for a wide range of sectors, from healthcare, retail, and sports to manufacturing, logistics, and entertainment. In the mobile device sector, conversational artificial intelligence will mainly increase in popularity. Probably the most well-known examples of conversational AI are the Apple * Siri * and Amazon * Alexa * voice assistants, which can be integrated into various devices, including smartphones and tablets. “As artificial intelligence at the core of our devices expands its knowledge base, our devices will not only be able to answer our questions ... they will start a dialogue with us, consisting not only of the simplest teams, but also of full-fledged offers,” says Jon Stine, Intel's global retail sales director, in a blog post. - With intonations and emotions. This opens up opportunities for a better understanding of customer behavior and improving the quality of their service. ”

This type of conversational interface with artificial intelligence allows machines to communicate with us in a more familiar way for humans and is able to completely change the idea of ​​customer service. The advent of text chatbots has already marked an important step in this direction. In 2016, Facebook * launched a convenient developer platform that allows you to create chatbots for your Messenger * service. Now there is a huge assortment of chatbots, one of which helps to easily order pizza. The UK National Health Service also introduced its experimental bot, which can respond to patients reporting their symptoms.

Artificial intelligence is a revolutionary technology that is designed to transform a huge number of companies without slowing the pace of innovation. In addition to optimizing business processes and providing valuable analytical information, AI is able to radically change the approach to customer service. We are waiting not only for the appearance of a wide variety of products equipped with conversational AI, manufacturers will also embed AI in an increasing number of mobile devices to increase their efficiency. However, to realize the maximum capabilities of artificial intelligence, both technological and cultural changes are required.