Swiss hotel offers quarantine apartments for up to $ 2000 per night

The Swiss hotel chain Le Bijou, in search of a way to survive and save jobs, invited guests to stay in “quarantine apartments”. A night in a room with medical services and a coronavirus test costs from $ 800 to $ 2000

Swiss hotel offers quarantine apartments for up to $ 2000 per night

In the hotels of the Swiss Le Bijou chain, where the broker Jordan Belfort, who became the prototype of the protagonist of the movie “Wolf from Wall Street”, and the co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak, have the opportunity to book “quarantine apartments”. The health of guests will be monitored around the clock, the company’s website said.

The report states that all hotels offering such apartments are located near hospitals. However, guests may not travel to clinics. Therefore, the cost of living included a coronavirus test and medical examinations with the participation of specialists from the Swiss Double Check clinic. Those who stay in the rooms will also be able to order food or use the services of a personal chef - “all with maximum hygiene and under medical supervision”. Le Bijou promises that the food from the chef will meet "high standards of health."

Apartments can also be rented as a remote office. Those who are going to work in quarantine will be provided with high-speed Internet and the ability to order food. At the same time, check-in will take place without the participation of staff, the website says.

A stay in one of the apartments costs from $ 800 to $ 2,000 per night, CNBC reports. In addition to a coronavirus test worth $ 500, you can pay for two visits by a health worker per day ($ 1800) or round-the-clock nurse duty ($ 4800 per day). According to a representative of Le Bijou, the network is trying to survive in a pandemic and save jobs for about 60 people, without seeking financial support from the government. The company representative added that if hotels can provide “safe and comfortable accommodation for those who are looking for it away from home” or give free places for doctors to relax, then there is no point in closing it.