Teeth loss: another aggravation of COVID-19

Teeth loss: another aggravation of COVID-19

As if the world hasn’t suffered enough from the COVID-19 pandemics, there are more frightening aggravations of the disease follow: some patients lose their teeth.

Some share of patients of dental clinics in the USA and Mexico who have previously had COVID-19 virus and got cured reveal they have the following happening with their teeth:

  • teeth falling out without bleeding or pain after a short period of swinging in a gum
  • gums become more sensitive
  • teeth turn gray or black
  • teeth are chipping and cracking.

Most reporting people have gone through the disease about 3-9 months prior to that tooth happening, which means this is one of the long-term consequences of the virus.

Currently, there is no clinically and widely described global picture of the virus’ health outcomes – largely can be because nobody ever has thought about studying the statistics of tooth problems in after-COVID patients. Some patients unintentionally discover the like tooth issues in their fellow patients with the same virus.

Doctors say that the probable biological mechanism of that could be related to thinning of the gum blood vessels and the sharp reaction of gums to inflammatory processes in the body, which stops the blood circulation to healthy teeth, making them die out. More studies have to be done on the issue to reveal more information, so stay tuned to us!